Train-the-Trainer Workshop

“[The Agitate Media/Mo’ Girls Train-the-Trainer Workshop] was the best training I had. It was in-depth, innovative and took me on a self-discovery journey. I appreciated the ‘learn through play’ approach and the feedback model. I learned to embrace the difference between what I feel and what I think. I opened up and became more expressive. The entire experience made me feel refreshed and more comfortable as I continue to grow as a facilitator.” —Trinidad and Tobago-based Training Consultant (2018 Agitate Media Survey Respondent)


“[At the Agitate Media/Mo’ Girls Train-the-Trainer Workshop], each person was exposed to the learnings that she needed, and your own openness helped us to engage in the way that made us better able to absorb. Interestingly, the [Agitate Media]/Mo’ Girls ethos of positivity and engagement, of being flexible and guided by the participants, meshes well with our own philosophy of positive youth development and engagement. We thank you for [allowing] us [to] join your Mo’ Girls facilitator candidates.” —Kristy-Ann Maynard, Program Manager, The Heroes Foundation


We have developed a signature facilitation and leadership style that resonates with people of all ages. It has been used to build the capacity of over one thousand youth, facilitators, NGO/community outreach staffers and small business professionals to serve their communities and customer bases since 2014. Now, we’re inviting interested facilitators/team leaders/community outreach/development professionals outside of our network to learn the Agitate approach to facilitation via an intensive five-day facilitation, leadership and team-building workshop!


The Agitate Media/Mo’ Girls Train-the-Trainer Workshop is a great investment for any individual, organization or company to make in themselves, their team members and/or their staff. This workshop is best suited for anyone who is responsible for:

  • facilitating/leading meetings.
  • leading training workshops or teaching new concepts.
  • leading a team.
  • motivating a team and building team morale.
  • rapport and relationship-building with fence-line (beneficiary) communities,
  • youth development.


Participants will be guided through a process that empowers them to:

  • reflect on their biases and intentions as well as how that shows up in their work with others.
  • value the lived experiences and contributions of the people they manage, serve or otherwise impact in their day to day work.
  • define facilitation as it relates to their work and its impact.
  • sharpen their existing and gain new facilitation skills.
  • discover new and innovative ways/strategies they can use to engage and relate to their teams, beneficiaries and/or participants.
  • leverage their own lived experience as a means of building rapport, trust and meaningful. relationships with the people they manage, serve or otherwise impact in their day to day work.


The next Agitate Media/Mo’ Girls Train-the-Trainer Workshop will be held 1st to 5th April 2019 (8:30a-4p). For NGO/community outreach professionals/independent facilitators, the workshop fee is $1250 TTD*. For corporate professionals/team members, the workshop fee is $2500 TTD*. To register TODAY, email, cc:!


*Group discounts are available for groups of four (4) or more from the same organization.