What’s Your Story? Telling Your Story to Woo, Win and Grow Your Biz or Org

Knowing what to say and how to say it to get people interested in your business or organisation can be tricky! Attracting potential investors and funders, customers and beneficiaries, board members, talented staff/employees can all hinge on not only what you say about your business or organisation, but how you say it.

Have you been sending the right message to key stakeholders about your business or organisation?

Do you know how to adapt your message and tone to reach people in a way that resonates with them?

Are you developing lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with the people who support and/or benefit from the work you are doing?

Learn how to woo and win by telling your story!

Join Agitate Media for the Agitate Academy Strategic Communication Intensive Seminar.

During this three-day course, Agitate Academy’s instructors share their hard fought lessons on how to effectively define your brand or organisation, navigate the wild world of media engagement and win over stakeholders to grow your business or organisation’s reach and success. You won’t want to miss this candid, informative and interactive session!

You'll learn how to:
  • Narrow down your focus.
  • Define your brand.
  • Identify stakeholders.
  • Craft and tell your story to various audiences.
  • Build relationships w/ key stakeholders.
  • Use diverse media tools and platforms to tell your story.

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Nov. 2017
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* Notes:

  1. Costs include two meals and snacks for each day as well as all course materials; 
  2. Due to limited space, we can only accommodate a specific number of business and NGO representatives. When we have reached our limit, registration will close.

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