Boldly Breaking Through: Building the Board Your Org Deserves

An effective, efficient and contributing board of directors can guide an NGO to greatness–boasting unmatched service, motivated and committed staff, access to financial and other needed resources, and so much more! Great boards, however, don’t just happen. They are designed. They are cultivated. They are well-managed.

Have you designed a Board of Directors that is going to help inspire greatness at your organisation?

Have you defined the role of your organisation’s board and its members?

Do you spend time nurturing, orienting and/or acclimating new board members to their respective roles?

Do you know how best to manage the differing personalities on your Board of Directors?

Have you set expectations of time, in-kind and financial contributions for your board members?

Learn how to build the board your organisation 

Join Agitate Media for the first-ever Agitate Academy training course!

This five-week course comprised of 1-1.5 hour weekly workshops will provide you with hacks, skills, tips and tricks to navigate board development and management.

You'll learn how to:
Select the right people for your board and cultivate existing board members. 
Set expectations for directors. 
Put measures in place to hold board members accountable.
Communicate effectively with the board.
Manage conflicting personalities and varying points of view.
Keep board members engaged and contributing.

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***—>Dates: Thu., 23rd July 2015  30th July 2015 to Thu., 27th Aug. 2015 <—***
Grace Talma Building #32 Luis Street Woodbrook, Port of Spain Trinidad
Thursday  Time: 10a-12:30p
Cost: $4,500 TTD*

Space is limited. Registration is by organisation, and there’s a limit of TWO representatives per organisation.

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Preregistration dates: 22nd June 2015 27th June 2015* [Now CLOSED]
Registration dates: 29th June 2015 until all spots are filled.* [Now CLOSED]

* Notes:

  1. Costs include beverages and all course materials over the five-week course; 
  2. Preregistration is only open to people who attended the T&T NGO Professionals Seminar 2015. Please email Michele ( if you attended one of these events and would like to pre-register; 
  3. Due to limited space, we can only accommodate a specific number of organisations. When we have reached our limit, registration will close.

Registration for this course is NOW CLOSED!