Past Classes

Below you will find links to some of our past Agitate Academy classes. We’re working on getting you some feedback from those class participants as well.


Boldly Breaking Through: Building the Board Your Org Deserves

[CLOSED] An effective, efficient and contributing board of directors can guide an NGO to greatness. Great boards, however, don’t just happen… They are designed. They are cultivated. They are well-managed. This five-week board development course for new and existing NGOs will teach you just how to do all three in order to give your org the board it deserves.

What’s Your Story? Telling Your Story to Woo, Win and Grow Your Biz or Org

Attracting potential investors and funders, customers and beneficiaries, board members, talented staff/employees can all hinge on not only what you say about your biz or org, but how you say it. This three-day strategic communication workshop for NGOs, community-based small businesses and social entrepreneurs will help you learn what you need to say and effective ways to say it.