Positively Projecting: Project Development for NGOs, CBOs and Small Businesses

Having a process for developing great projects for your NGO, CBO or small business can be the difference between surviving and thriving!

How do you decide what to do and when to do it?

Do you have an organisational or company policy in place for project development?

What is the incubation period of projects from idea to implementation within your organisation?

Does EVERY project you produce fall inline with your mission and goals?

Positively Projecting will help you answer these questions without hesitation!

It is a three [3] day intensive workshop wherein Agitate Academy’s time tested facilitators will guide you through the rigorous and enlightening process of project development.

You’ll learn

A. How to develop projects that:

  1. reflect the needs of the communities you serve.
  2. build upon as well as utilise your internal capacity and strengths.
  3.  fit squarely within the realm of your expressed overall organisational mission and goals.

B. Develop a customised project development policy that:

  1. assesses the need(s) that projects must address.
  2. clearly links organisational goals to future project outputs and outcomes.
  3. contains a checklist of appropriate attributes for future projects.
  4. sets an incubation timeline for moving from the idea phase to the implementation phase.