Agitate Academy

Agitate Academy_LogoAgitate Media is committed to giving NGOs and small businesses in communities the world over access to the opportunities and the skills they need to continue serving people who need their help.

In order to accomplish that, we are hosting an intimate independent training program called Agitate Academy. Agitate Academy is open to all NGOs (not restricted based on the community you serve or the niche you fill within the civil society sector) and community-based small businesses. In large part, courses for non-profits/NGOs and small businesses are held independently of one another to hone in on the needs of each specific group.

Bi-annually (every other year), Agitate Academy hosts a two-to-three-day intensive seminar for NGOs and community-based small businesses together. This training opportunity is generally centred/centered on a topic that both groups can benefit from training in and work to aid in each other’s development and growth through shared experience.

agitate academy courses

Agitate Academy course topics are determined based on the need expressed by those in the civil society sector and small business communities in which Agitate Media works. Class sizes are small (five to 10 participants) for the five-week courses so that each attendee is guaranteed one-on-one attention and time to grasp the concepts before moving on. And, intensive seminars are strategically designed to achieve the same for a larger group of attendees.

To  learn more about our courses, register for an Agitate Academy training course and/or find out about other training opportunities being offered or supported by Agitate Media, head on over to “Class is in Session”-our hub for information about all things training and development.