Sponsored Capacity Building

We work in partnership with public, private and civil society entities to build capacity in local NGOs, CBOs, community-based small businesses and social entrepreneurs in a number of ways. We help said entities identify and build relationships with local NGOs, CBOs, community-based small businesses and social entrepreneurs that fall within their CSR tenets and company values–groups that they can support through targeted (developed specifically for their company) training and workshops, grant-funding, skill-sharing and sponsoring their grantees to participate in individual training opportunities.

To date, Agitate Media has worked with a host of NGO, corporate and public partners to develop and deliver capacity-building workshops and other civil society strengthening interventions to Trinidad and Tobago-based NGOs. The entities we have engaged and developed programmes for recently include, but are not limited to:



T&T NGO Professionals Seminar 2015

UNDP GEF SGP Knowledge Fair 2015


If you’re interested in partnering with or contracting our team to develop an NGO or small business capacity-building/strengthening intervention, please email either Melissa (melissa@agitate-media.com) or Michele  (michele@agitate-media.com).