Speaking Out

Wherever we are in the world, Agitate Media seeks to bring light and awareness to the struggles of non-profits/NGOs and small businesses, while also uplifting and empowering them. Hence, our chief agitators actively seek and accept opportunities to speak and write openly and honestly about our work the world over. Whether it be at conferences, seminars, town hall meetings, in the media or on the blog circuit.

Watch our Agitator-in-Chief, Michele Matthews-Morancie, in action at the 2014 T&T NGO Professionals Conference, held in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies:

Here are a few articles we’ve written tackling key issues in the civil society sector throughout the Caribbean:

Here are a few blog posts we’ve written tackling issues faced by small business owners globally:

If you’re interested in interviewing us, having us speak at your event, asking us to write an article or guest blog post for your media outlet/blog or giving us an opportunity to “speak out” in any other way, please email speakout@agitate-media.com.