5 Steps For Creating New Customers

Are you watching your competitors taking on new and bigger clients every day while wondering, “why not me?” or “Why aren’t customers coming to me?”

If so, you are asking the wrong questions!

You should be asking:

“How can I meet my customers where they are?”

In the early years of  MAM Squared and Agitate Media, we were virtual unknowns in the local Trinidad & Tobago consulting world but we landed a number of big corporate social responsibility clients in short order. Established consultants asked loudly “Why would they come to you and not us?” The answer was ” They didn’t come to us, we went to them.”

You see, in most cases, clients don’t know that they need you until you show up! We developed an easy and repeatable system of approaching and creating new clients that we called the Not-So-Cold-Pitch Strategy. Using this technique we were able to:

  1. identify and court clients we wanted to work with (not wait for just anyone with money to come along).
  2. become familiar with how they operate from an objective perspective.
  3. make genuine connections with them.
  4. identify gaps in their practices.
  5. provide strategic and practical solutions to fill those gaps.

In  5 Steps For Creating New Customers, we have organized the Not-So-Cold-Pitch Strategy into:

5 easy to follow emails that will be delivered to your inbox once a week for 5 weeks.

This format allows you one full week (7 days) to begin to implement each step before you move on to the next. Complete with useful downloadable templates and tools to assist you where necessary.

This course will help you to:

  1. Identify customers/clients YOU genuinely want to work with.

  2. Get an objective overview of who they are and how they work.

  3. Make genuine connections/ relationships with them.

  4. Clearly, pinpoint gaps and/or pain points for them.

  5. Provide strategic and practical solutions that fill said gaps.

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